Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Airline Think

I just love love love this thinking on the part of United. The Wall Street Journal reports today that United is going to unplug its phone number for customer service. No more phone calls, just email or snail mail.

Why? "We did a lot of research, we looked into it, and people who email or write us are more satisfied with our responses," United spokeswoman Robin Urbanski said. Let me get this right. Instead of asking why people aren't satisfied with the phone response and fixing it, they just say "hey, our phone sucks. Let's cancel it." If at first you don't succeed...give up. Ah, the great American way.

(As an aside, I've been quiet here for a while because I haven't been traveling. I ruptured my quadriceps tendon in December and have been in a hip-to-ankle brace since then. I had surgery in early January and expect to be at least somewhat mobile in another few weeks.)