Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American's $15 Bag Fee

Beware the law of unintended consequences. Here's the scenario:

  • Infrequent flyers have to pay for the first bag.
  • So they carry on.
  • Being infrequent flyers, they slow the boarding process.
  • Flights take longer to board.
  • Things run late.
  • Which costs the airline way more than the revenue they generate.
  • Overhead compartments fill up sooner.
  • Late arriving frequent flyers get really pissed.

Even though we're not subject to the fee, we're caught in the unintended consequences.

And what are they going to do when the bins fill up? Charge $15 for the gate check?? Can they do that? If not, is that the loophole. Everyone carry on and check at the gate. More delays. More baggage handling costs. These old line idiots are really trying hard to push us frequent flyers to JetBlue, aren't they.

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Jonathan L. Yarmis said...

And I even got quoted by Chris Elliott, my favorite travel writer, on MSNBC: