Friday, August 01, 2008

It's Up to the Flight Attendant???

You're probably aware that USAir/Dare/Scare has begun charging for soft drinks and water. Well, CNBC just reported that flight attendants have discretion to charge the full $2 or if the passenger balks, $1 or even free. This takes stupidity to a new level. In other words, I as a passenger now have incentive to get angry with the flight attendants??? I have long since stopped being surprised at the complete lunacy of airlines management but I've got to admit, this one takes it to a new level.
  • We're going to piss you off by imposing a ridiculous fee.
  • We're going to expose ourselves to lawsuits by people who get dehydrated.
  • And if you get upset at this, well, we were only kidding.

I'd love to have been in on the meetings where they decided this one. If this were a Saturday Night Live skit, you'd think "this is really stretching reality" but this is the airline industry where truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

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