Sunday, June 01, 2008

No, it's definitely not the Phoenician any more

Item 1: Our reception. Five hundred people, maybe? Three bartenders. As you might imagine, the scrum around the bar was considerable. Contrast this what happened at our PC conference in the late 80's. We had commandeered (in)famous Cabana #9 for the PC staff and friends. Maybe a dozen of us. We kept the waiter busy to a point where he said "we don't normally have this much business on a Wednesday and so we're thinly staffed" (just him), but he called for he could serve us exclusively. 1:12 vs 3:500...I'd say the attitude has changed. And the staff hasn't been redeployed. Witness...

Item 2: The men's room, mid-afternoon. It's not like this was immediately after a conference break but perhaps a good 20 minutes after. Note: this is a "high class" joint so the hand towels are cloth. Need I say more?

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