Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Random Travel Tips: Hotwire

I'm a big fan of Hotwire and I've had experiences that range from merely good to truly extraordinary. In the latter camp, there's a new Intercontinental in Boston down on the waterfront. Top notch hotel, great large rooms...especially for a city not noted for large rooms...superior service. Since I was paying my own money this time (a few months back), I looked on Hotwire. They were offering a 4.5 star hotel in the Fanueil Hall area for $125. That's walking distance to my office so I jumped on it. Sure enough, it was the Interconti. I looked up on the web site and the cheapest rate they offered that night -- non-refundable also -- was $383.

I don't know why anyone would ever use Priceline when you can get about the same price or sometimes even cheaper without the hassle and childishness.

Oh by the way, here's the view of my room from the bathroom. (Yes, there's a pass through from the bathroom, also large, into the main room.) There's a lot more space between the bed and this desk than the picture shows and yes, that's a large flat screen TV.
The hotel bargain of the year.

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