Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ted is Dead

Song is gone and now too apparently is Ted. How ridiculous an idea was this from the beginning? We can't run one competitive airline so maybe if we start another, we double our chances of actually figuring out how to make money at this game. While we're at it, we'll pay them less which will not only piss them off -- minor leaguers -- it'll piss off the mainline employees who feel that management is trying to fire them (which of course it is, even while they never really said it).

And the flying experience on this so-called Southwest-kiler or JetBlue-killer? No first class, no pitch, no amenities...nothing a revenue-producing United customer would want in a flight so one's inclination to fly United on those routes was low. And the employees? No, they did not view themselves as the front line of United's survival. No, they weren't JetBlue-cheery either. Just United "service," only lower paid.

At least Song had seat-back video. So long, Ted; we'll miss you. Not.

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